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Jean-Sébastien Poulin is the co-owner of Nissan Sherbrooke, and has also served as the dealership’s general manager since 2011. With a graduate diploma in Automotive Marketing from Georgian College in Ontario, Mr. Poulin has been in the automotive business for over ten years. Formerly holding the title of Sales Director, Jean-Sébastien Poulin now serves as the head of an exceptional team at Nissan Sherbrooke.

 “What’s important at Nissan Sherbrooke is the quality of life that we offer to members of our team. We take the working conditions of our employees to heart. We want to make sure that all the members of our team are happy to come into work every morning.” Mr. Poulin’s goal is to mix work and pleasure, so that the good attitude of his team rubs off on his customers. “We’re not looking merely to conduct transactions, but rather to create relationships.” At Nissan Sherbrooke, every transaction has to be a ‘win-win’ in order to be deemed a success. “Our goal is to bring members of the community into our Nissan Sherbrooke family,” affirms Mr. Poulin. “That way, we’re not just looking to sell cars – we’re looking to grow our family.”

At Nissan Sherbrooke, excellence is the name of the game. In all departments – whether it’s sales, financing, credit, parts & service or maintenance – excellence in service is the top priority. Jean-Sébastien Poulin counts on each and every member of the Nissan Sherbrooke team to offer customers impeccable, memorable and personal service.

Thanks to this customer-first approach, Nissan Sherbrooke is proud to be Quebec’s number-one dealership in terms of sales, and among the highest-ranked in all of Canada (we were even number one for a few months!). This is partly because of Nissan Sherbrooke’s fantastic low prices. “We do offer the lowest prices, from coast to coast – it’s really the truth!” affirms Mr. Poulin. Thanks to his philosophy of excellence above all else, Nissan Sherbrooke was able to triple its sales and increase its workforce by over 30% in under one year!

The employees of Nissan Sherbrooke have a kind of energy that you won’t find at other, lesser dealerships. “It’s not always necessary for my staff to have a background in the automobile industry,” states Mr. Poulin. “What they have to bring to the table is a positive personality and an attitude toward innovation and getting things done.” This kind of forward-thinking attitude is what ensures that Nissan Sherbrooke will be here to stay.

On behalf of the entire Nissan Sherbrooke team, Jean-Sébastien Poulin invites you to visit Nissan Sherbrooke today, and to discover the difference that quality customer service can make.